update from v101 to V102 keeping all installed programs

Hi all,

How can I upgrade to V102 and retain all my installed programs and personal data.

DietPi indicates that update is not possible, so I need to download new image.

Is there a benefit in choosing the Jessie image over the Wheezy one.

I use DietPi on Rpi2 and on Rpi B.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

I’m also using the v101 with a lot of services running (e.g. Samba, FTP, Webserver etc.). If you want a good running system, which shouldn’t actually be touched :wink:

But I think to benefit from all the new chances, fixes and so on, an update should be considered.

But I don’t want to lose all my settings; especially Samba, FTP and so on. Is there any change to update and keep all the settings for example with a backup scenario inside the old installation?

I know that flashing will destroy everything on the sd-card, so wouldn’t it be great to have an backup tool for all the settings on the old version and the same one that puts all the settings in place on the new version?


Due to the vast changes in the core code, transferring your v101 installation to v102 is not possible at the moment.
Its rare that DietPi will require a new image, but it does happen now and then to improve areas of DietPi that cannot be changed prior to the 1st run update etc.

You are not required to reinstall your current installations. However, if you want to use the new features/improvements etc, you will need to write the updated image.

On the other hand, you could manually “copy” your Samba and FTP config files to the new installation, after they have been installed from DietPi-Software. However, there is no guarantee they will work and may require manual adjustments.


Thx for your reply!

So I will stay with v101. Do redo all the “setting work” with the new image (I also use an intern harddrive instead of the sd card; sd card only for booting), is - at the moment - not worth the work.


I had same problem as ur. It asking please insert drive card or something like that.

It is now the second time I run into this issue … rare? Depends on the point of view …

I’m not very happy to see my productive system (I use it as an VPN router) is diverging from the main line. So it would be nice if there will be some tool based solutions to migrate withiut data loss. It costs me too much time to migrate manually - and atg the end of the day, there will be a data loss as well … this teaches the experience.

So all in all I think this was my last experience with dietpi … nice try, but unfortunately not useable in a professional environment.

None of your data is lost. Upgrading your existing installation is optional, not a requirement.

DietPi is a free and opensource project. Why not help contribute?
No doubt, if you put as much effort into contributing as your last post, maybe DietPi would meet your “requirements”.

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