Update cups-filters


I’m having issues with my CUPS printing server and printing PDF’s. I’m getting errors about bad filters in cups-filters.

Apparently it was a bug that has been already fixed per this forum topic: https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/62251

The version of cups-filters available in the apt-get install is pretty old.

I’d like to request this package to get updated.



many thanks for your message. But I guess DietPi is the wrong recipient of your request. Because DietPi did not maintain any Debian packages. Packages are just installed from official sources. I guess you would need to get in touch with package maintainer and ask for an update.

Thank you for the reply. Can you please tell me what package source does the DietPi use, so I’d know where to add my request?


you can use following command to check which source is used.

apt policy <package>

Thank you for the info!

Lol I just checked their website for compiled binaries, a repo or such: https://www.cups.org/software.html

Binary Releases

Free binaries are available elsewhere - search > Google > to find them.


Zero info about how to compile, requirements etc, however there is a configure.ac in the code, so starting with build essentials and autoconf and hit and fail yourself through the errors to find all dependencies etc.

Helpful are the Debian build logs: https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=cups&arch=amd64&ver=2.3.3-2&stamp=1596009590&raw=0 (link might become invalid quickly e.g. with next build)
Overview: https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=cups
There you see the build dependencies, tools and steps they (basically the debhelper suite) does. This can often be followed 1 to 1 until the deb package build begins.

If someone is able to tinker around and find nice build options etc we might consider to provide own up-to-date packages, if those are too outdated in current Debian repo and benefits of new versions are worth it.