uninstalling Pihole

No, I’m running Windows in this one.

Would it be any good to run Ubuntu on a VM?

DietPi VM would be fine as well :wink:

In theory you could try to mount the SD card as well as the USB stick into the VM and move your backup. Anyway, before doing anything I would recommend to clone your SD card using Win32 Disk Imager. This way you would have a 1:1 backup in case needed.

Yes, I’m backing up the damaged system with Win32 Disk Imager as we speak.

So for now, after I finish setting up Ubuntu VM on my machine, should I then mount the micro SD on it, insert a USB stick, and then copy and paste the contents of it into the USB stick?

Thank you again.

I would recommend to use rsync to keep all file/folder permissions. As an alternativ our could try using move command mv. Just using copy will not prevent loosing permissions.

Okay, I finished installing Ubuntu. But I don’t know how to see the USB drive and the sdcard. Do you know which would be the steps?

Edit: Nevermind, I think the rsync command is now complete between the 2 devices.

Should I now reinstall dietpi, plug in the usb drive on Orange Pi Zero and then restore the backup from the USB drive?

ok you where able to mount the SD card as well as USB stick? good if rsync complete.

To be able to restore the backup during Initial setup:

  1. flash SD card with a new image
  2. adjust /boot/dietpi.txt before first boot and adjust following.
# Restore a DietPi-Backup on first boot: 0 => disable | 1 => interactive restore (show list of found backups) | 2 => non-interactive restore (restore first found backup)
# - Simply attach the drive/disk/stick with contains the backup. All attached drives will be mounted temporarily and searched automatically.
  1. You could set it to 1
  2. connect SD card + USB stick to the SBC
  3. boot your SBC
  4. usually the initial setup should detect your backup now

Thanks again! I’ll leave it running and see how it goes in the morning.
Now that I think of, there might be some issues since my backup was made using Stretch or Buster, and I don’t even recall which exact version, whereas now we are in Bullseye.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

No luck after all :confused:
System crashes or hangs when booting up. It was worth the try anyway!

Thanks :slight_smile:

But you where able to start the setup and select the backup to restore?

Yep, but when restoring it took ages and wasn’t moving forward. Could it have been because my previous Dietpi installation backup was based off Stretch and now I was restoring on a fresh Bullseye?

Theoretically it should not matter what the backup was, as it is a simple rsync. But probably the differences between Stretch and Bullseye are to huge meanwhile. Unfortunately we don’t know what’s going as you are not able to attach a screen.

Yeah I know, I’m very fond of my Orange Pi Zero to be honest, it just works hehe. I’ll be sure to backup the image from time to time with Win32 Disk Imager next time.

Thank you!

at least before and after major upgrades like the switch from Stretch to Buster to Bullseye. :slight_smile: