Unable to install on Beelink AP34 (x64 UEFI w/ eMMC)

I’m trying to get DietPi to run on a newly bought Beelink AP34. The devices uses an Intel Apollo-Lake CPU and comes with Windows 10 installed on the eMMC storage.

I’ve already tried the two methods described for UEFI devices over at GitHub:

Unfortunately, I just can’t get the system to boot neither the Debian netinstall nor the UEFI beta x86_64 image linked to under Downloads. The system just crashed to black screen with a non-blinking cursor.

The only Linux distro I’ve been able to boot on this machine is the Ubuntu version by Linuxium, which he specifically made for Apollo Lake devices like mine:

So this at least show that Linux should be able to run on the Beelink AP34… Any advice what might prevent DietPi from running?

I’d like to bring this issue back up.

The latest Debian Buster RC1-release is finally able to boot on my Apollo-Lake-based system. Looks like they updated GRUB to work with UEFI.

Could this change be incorporated into DietPi as well?

Yeah, the UEFI image is an ongoing issue. Nasty that one cannot simply create a ready to boot image, but it needs to be installed by wrapping CloneZilla (or comparable) around. And then the needs for different devices (especially non-default x86 like yours) are large.

However great news that Debian Buster can be installed on it. For now you can run the DietPi-PREP script to turn it into DietPi: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/issues/1285#issue-280771944

  • But create a full drive backup first :wink:.