Unable to install Diet pi on Ras pi Zero W

Good afternoon!

I have downloaded the current version of Diet Pi image and done all the usual thing you do for it’s installation, however it seems to be an issue with the networking on this version! The setup gets stuck on rebooting loop without going any further on its stages to complete the installation. Have had previously Diet pi on the same Ras pi Zero W no issues. I wonder if there is any problems with current version or if anyone else have the same problem!?


many thanks for your report.

Pls can you specify which image you used? As well what is the error message you are facing?

Please see attached files

You don’t have a valid network connect. Without you are not able to proceed.

Do you have WiFi enabled and configured before initial boot? Basically this would need to be fixed first.

Unfortunately within the current RPi image v6.28, that you can download from dietpi.com, you are not able to leave the initial setup program and run dietpi-config. Its an already known behaviour. You basically have 2 options

  1. ensure a valid network connection right from the beginning
  2. use an older image version v6.25

Thanks for help. :slight_smile:
Where can I download the older version of Diet pi?

I uploaded it to my private cloud

Password: DietPi

Great! I appreciate your help.
Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Btw you can as well exit the firstrun setup loop by pressing crtl+c while it is doing some process, e.g. connection test or DNS resolving. Then one can edit the config files manually. But of course this only helps if one knows how to fix things… For new images I adjusted the behaviour so dietpi-config can be executed during firstrun setup. With DietPi v6.29 it will be possible to adjust related settings right from the error prompt.