Unable to enter password

So, I just started with my Raspberry Pi adventure. Due to shortages, I was only able to get my hands on the Zero W 2 mode.

I want to make a Pi Hole so I downloaded DietPi. The first time I was able to login and change enable the wifi settings.

When the system restarted however, something rather odd appeared and it won’t go away. I can enter the default username just fine. But when it asks for the password which is still “dietpi” I am unable to type anything. No characters will appear on the screen no mather what I try. I see the underscore ‘react’ whenever I press a key on my keyboard but nothing will appear. Only the enter key works which enters a blank password and moves to the line below. Then I can type but it is no longer seen as the password and it kindly notifies me that the login is incorrect.

All in all, I am unable to enter my password. Even after flashing the SD card again.

I am a total noob when it comes to Linux. Hopefully on you lovely folks can help me out.

I guess you are connecting via SSH. Usually the password is not shown while typing.

Your password is not visible when you type it for security reasons. When you type your password and press Enter, the problem will be solved.