UEFI beta x86_64

Hi Fourdee,

I have the first version (as above) of this running on a Z83 - runs well. Given that this is Stretch is there an easy was to upgrade to V6.0 to avoid wiping and starting again?


Hi John,

Not possible, there are far too many backbone code changes in DietPi, that will not work with the existing v159 install.

Fresh install with v6.0 image is needed. Although, not required if your happy with your v159 install currently.

Thanks Fourdee I’ll stick with what I have - not a simple case of swapping SD cards with these devices.


Hi John,

Yes. correct.

Easy? - No.
Avoid wiping? - The hole eMMc/SSD? Yes.
Starting again? - No.

If it is acceptable, you loose all software , configurations and setting, I think it is possible.

If this is a option for you, I can do a write up, but untested. Sorry, have no UEFI x86_64 (Z83).


Hi k-plan,

Thanks for the offer - I’ve been thinking this through and as I don’t have much on the Z83 I’ll wipe and start again. Or possibly try v 6.0 running from USB drive in a dual boot setup at first.


Hi John,

better to make a backup first.

Then, on your own risk and ONLY for people, who know what they are doing:


ldconfig -v

make sure the image is fully updated:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade && apt-get autoremove && apt-get clean


login as root


ldconfig -v

apt-get install -y ca-certificates sudo wget

set en_GB.UTF-8 as default

dpkg-reconfigure locales


GIT_BRANCH=$GIT_BRANCH wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Fourdee/DietPi/$GIT_BRANCH/PREP_SYSTEM_FOR_DIETPI.sh -O PREP_SYSTEM_FOR_DIETPI.sh



Choose “Stretch” and the correct device.


  • Done a quick look into DietPi_v6.0_NativePC-EFI-x86_64-Stretch_mmc.iso.
    Don’t think it will be so easy, to build a live USB boot stick out of this.

Method 2: UEFI beta x86_64 image

It is a Clonezilla boot image, which will restore a DietPi Clonezilla backup to a eMMC device.


Hi k-plan - the Z83 is just like a PC - you can choose which drive to install your OS on and adjust BIOS to boot from the drive of your choice. I installed DietPi to EMMC (Clonezilla) and later Libreelect to a USB flash drive in the USB 3.0 socket.

There may, for all I know, be a boot menu on the Z83 to avoid having to reset the BIOS boot options, I just haven’t looked.


Hi John,

if CloneZilla restore goes quick and easy, I would prefer this.

PREP_SYSTEM_FOR_DIETPI.sh can be a long process and a PITA.
It is a developer tool to build fresh images from the scratch.
But nice to see, how well it works. Thanks to @Fourdee and @MichaIng.



Method 2: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/1171#issuecomment-336522021 works for the Z83 (used it on mine few days back)

That’s the method I used worked first time. I’ll tackle V6 at the weekend.


How is the USB 3.0 performance on the Z83 with DietPi? I have 2 x 8TB hub drives and my backup will be daisy-chained to my main drive. I’m thinking that syncing the two should be faster than on the USB 2.0 of the C2, which would make this a worthy contender for my next server.

This is with Apacer 32 GB USB flash - dietpi-config benchmarks app:

                             │ CPU        : Total time 1000000 int = Not Tested seconds           │
                             │ RAM        : Write = Not Tested | Read = Not Tested                │
                             │ RootFS     : Write = Not Tested | Read = Not Tested                │
                             │ USB Drive  : Write = 16.5 MB/s | Read = 32.7 MB/s                  │
                             │ Custom     : Write = Not Tested | Read = Not Tested                │
                             │                                                                    │
                             │                ─── Performance ─────────────────────────────       │
                             │      CPU       Benchmark CPU performance.                          │
                             │      RAM       Benchmark RAM performance.                          │
                             │                ─── Filesystem ──────────────────────────────       │
                             │      RootFS    Benchmark SD/EMMC IO performance.                   │
                             │      USB Drive Benchmark USB drive IO performance.                 │
                             │      Custom    Benchmark from a selection of mounted devices.      │