Trouble adding to PATH using custom startup

Hi there,

Sorry for the noob question. I’m trying to add to my PATH environment variable on startup, as well as set another variable. Unfortunately I’m not having much luck so presumably I’m going the wrong way about this…

  1. I’ve enabled custom startup, dietpi-config > autostart options > 14 : Custom
  2. I then added the following to

echo “Setting up dotnet environment variables…”
export DOTNET_ROOT=/opt/dotnet
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/dotnet

echo “Starting amiberry service…”
service amiberry start

What happens is the system boots, amiberry start, without the last line it doesn’t start, so I’m sure the script is doing “something”. Unfortunately the environment variables do not get set. If I exit out of amiberry and type the 2 export commands manually, everything works as expected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve found a solution, I changed my autostart back to amiberry fastboot and then added my environment variables to /etc/bash.bashrc