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I think I triggered the chaps from Distrowatch a little (@DietPi_) knows what I mean.

They point out that DietPi appears to be dead (even though we all know it’s far from it) and this appears to be a function of Daniel’s (in my view, excellent) front page design. Here’s what they had to say (I can feel my ass nipping just a little).

I don’t think I’m making myself clear. I’m not saying the project isn’t alive, I’m saying the project’s website gives no indication of life. News sites aren’t going to comb community forums daily to see if something new might be happening.

I’m a huge fan of DietPi and this is big kick in the nuts - hell the changelog surely should be enough? This is where I disagree with Distrowatch. I get that most distros put every bit, nibble and byte of change on their front page like a dog wagging its tail just because it farted, DP leaves that on the changelog and in the forums.

Dan is pretty busy keeping us in up to date software - so who else is prepared to help with some sort of wiki, etc. so we can project a more conventional face to the world? Presumably we could get some hosting space and have it linked?

As things are, I can’t even justify a page on Wikipedia because DP isn’t sufficiently covered (notability) although that may change now we can cite the article in the Magpi. I’m not a huge fan of Wikipedia but we shouldn’t deny the project coverage - hell, WP has pages covered releases that are long since dead and even admits as such!

I wouldn’t want to see the front page change as I’ve always found it visually striking AND very quick to navigate.

Obviously, this is entirely up to the team behind this but I’m happy to put a few hours in to lend a hand. It’s the least I can do.

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You or everyone can jump on the bandwagon:
All would be appreciated.

The “team” is rather clearly laid out.

Team member come and go after a short period of time.

Same with most of the users here. Come in, have a lot of questions or requests and got never see again … no thanks, no help for other users, nothing …

Maybe a small DietPi Version block somewhere on the main page and simply linking it to the forum might be a good idea…this way any new folks can see what the new release version is…

But yeah…saying that it’s not a viable or active distro is a bit misleading