Transmission with ReadyMedia

After downloading a video into the “Downloads” folder, do I have to copy it to the “Video” folder in order for it to be used by ReadyMedia and visible on my Roku? Is there a way to symbolically add or something? Reason I ask, is because I want to keep seeding it and if I cut and paste the video, I can’t keep seeding it right? Transmission won’t see the file I’ve downloaded?

Radarr/Sonarr import the downloaded files to the library folder and you can continue seeding.
Maybe ReadyMedia has some similar functionality.
Otherwise you could add a script in transmission to copy/hardlink the finished files to the library directory.

So I think I figured out a solution… after the torrent downloads, I can right click “Set Location” and change where I want the file. It moves it in Transmission and keeps seeding.