Transferring a Wordpress site to RPi web server

Hello, I could use some guidance on using an RPi Zero W with DietPi as a local web server, not accessible to the public.

I developed a Wordpress website on a local server on a Mac Pro computer, and used a web hosting service when it was ready for the public. My Mac Pro broke down, so now I can’t access the local files as I usually do. I can access the files and database through my web hosting service, using cPanel on a Macbook. The website has been offline for awhile (and I want to keep it that way), but I need to retrieve some information from it through the WP admin dashboard.

So far, I have backed up and downloaded the site’s files and database and I have installed DietPi with the LAMP stack, phpmyadmin, OpenSSH, ProFTPD and Wordpress. I have Filezilla set up to transfer files. I guess my question is what is the best way to transfer the files and import the database to 1) make sure the website functions correctly and 2) is not accessible outside my home network?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

It would be slow, for sure. Another concern would be that I’m assuming you’re talking about hosting from your home internet connection? Some ISPs block port 80 and 443, so might not be possible.

If the traffic isn’t too much, and ISP issues notwithstanding, you could offload some of the weight by using a CDN for your pics…
Hope this helps you.