Thin Client M340C successful install

Woohoo…got a Thin Client M340C for $20 from an online seller (just a spurious buy) I do have 8GIb of RAM and installed zram-utils and now have 768MB of swap (no writing to the SSD!!! Woohoo)

It sat for a few weeks on my computer desk…tonight decided to give it a go…

Low power server, even though the main OS drive is only 2 Gigs

Hooked it to my sons DVI monitor, keyboard, mouse, and wired ethernet. Used an Ubuntu Mate live CD, formatted the 2GIb SSD card that was built in with Gparted, then downloaded and installed balena etcher, and the x86-64 image directly…then used it to burn it straight to the SSD, no media or burning to a USB drive.

Upon reboot came right up like it had been there all along!

I guess I could always find a larger SATA DOM plugin for the main OS…but so far so good with 2GIb…

I did put a 16Gib USB2.0 USB to move user data…but will be getting a larger 64GIb USB3.0, or maybe even use a USB3.0 to SATA adapter…who knows

All I know is I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this little guy, and now I know I have a pretty beefy little rig that is rather powerful!

I will move this to general discussions as I don’t think it’s an issue :wink:

ok…first question…where is the ‘cpu’ script at and how can I tweak the temp readings/output?

root@M-340C:/home/warhawk# cpu

 DietPi CPU Info
 Use dietpi-config to change CPU / performance options
 Architecture |     x86_64
 Temperature  |     63'C : 145'F (Running hot, not recommended)
 Governor     |     performance

                 Current Freq    Min Freq   Max Freq
 CPU0         |      1198 MHz      1200 MHz    1200 MHz
 CPU1         |      1197 MHz      1200 MHz    1200 MHz
 CPU2         |      1214 MHz      1200 MHz    1200 MHz
 CPU3         |      1197 MHz      1200 MHz    1200 MHz

I want to change the Temperature readings… this processor can run up to 90’C…I want to change the Running hot to a higher rating so it won’t throw this warning up

it’s inside /boot/dietpi/func/dietpi-globals

		# Format output
		# - Check for valid value: We must always return a value, due to VM lacking this feature + benchmark online
		if ! disable_error=1 G_CHECK_VALIDINT "$temp"; then



			# 2/5 digit output?
			(( $temp >= 200 )) && temp=$(( $temp / 1000 ))

			if [[ $print_full_info == 1 ]]; then

				local temp_f=$(( $temp * 9/5 + 32 ))
				if (( $temp >= 70 )); then

					temp="\e[1;31mWARNING: $temp'C : $temp_f'F (Reducing the life of your device)\e[0m"

				elif (( $temp >= 60 )); then

					temp="\e[38;5;202m$temp'C : $temp_f'F \e[90m(Running hot, not recommended)\e[0m"

				elif (( $temp >= 50 )); then

					temp="\e[1;33m$temp'C : $temp_f'F \e[90m(Running warm, but safe)\e[0m"

				elif (( $temp >= 40 )); then

					temp="\e[1;32m$temp'C : $temp_f'F \e[90m(Optimal temperature)\e[0m"

				elif (( $temp >= 30 )); then

					temp="\e[1;36m$temp'C : $temp_f'F \e[90m(Cool runnings)\e[0m"


					temp="\e[1;36m$temp'C : $temp_f'F \e[90m(Who put me in the freezer!)\e[0m"




Domo Arigato! Mr. Robotto!