The problem with connection to mosquitto from the internal n

If I connect to mosquitto or NodeRED from an external network via my xxxxxxxx. xxx. xxx domain, I have no problems.
If I go home and connect to my wifi, I have a problem with connection to DietPi modules through the domain mentioned above.
I turn off wifi and act on 4G works nicely, I’ll connect through wifi, everything stops working.
I want to use a domain name because it should be a universal solution and allow to connect with the outside and inside.
I’ll add that I can easily connect to the satellite tuner via the same domain (other port of course), not depending on the external or internal network. That is why I suspect something with DietPi.
Perhaps some other solution, universally allowing connection to the mosquitto DietPi from the external and internal network. The only thing that comes to mind is the use of an external mosquitto server.

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basic networking (behind a NAT router):

  • from LAN access to internal (LAN) ip address of your DietPi mosquitto server

  • or modify you internal (LAN) DNS server (router?) with a static ip address dns entry for your DietPi mosquitto server if you can

mosquitto have static IP -

what more?