Thank you to the dietpi devs and maintainers!


I’m so impressed with this distro. I got my first RPi within the last coupla days and before that I was looking on the net to pick a distro. I liked the message the dietpi site sent so I picked it.

It could not have been easier to install, everything worked, the management tools are intuitive and pretty complete. The performance is very good, of course I/O is horribly limited by SD card speeds so I have some new faster ones coming tomorrow to try.

Big THANK YOU to everybody involved in this, and many thanks to Joulinar for answering my questions so quickly and helpfully!

Best Regards,

John Long

thx for your feedback. Appreciate that

maybe you can raise your question at Node.js GitHub

You could also ask at the Node.js IRC channel, see

Many thanks for your kind feedback :slight_smile:.

Within our team I’m not aware of a Node.js/JavaScript specialist. Aside of the mentioned resources, I can only recommend stackoverflow for any coding/development questions.