temporary samba mount

Hello guys,

i want to write a script that will rsync a folder from my nas (qnap) to a external hd that i have mounted on my dietpi.

ex: rsync -av --delete “/mnt/samba/” “/mnt/3442c4c1-5fda-4168-9920-7d72800ef363/Multimedia/”

(/mnt/samba points to the Multimedia-folder on my qnap-nas)

So i need a mount-command that will (temporarily) mount a folder, rsync it, and then mount another folder (etc…)

What is the correct mount-command for this?

(ps: i know how to mount the drive using the dietpi-config)

ps2: found it: sudo mount -t cifs // -o user=username,password=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/mnt/samba

@pakikje you can do a better job activating rsync server on qnap, then you can sync with:

rsync -av --delete rsync://user@qnap_ip_address:/rsync_share_name /mnt/3442c4c1-5fda-4168-9920-7d72800ef363/Multimedia