Take back the web (one slice of Pi at a time)

Here’s a little collabartive project that you don’t need to be a programmer to get involved with!

A friend of mine is well-known Zimbabwean author, now living in exile! This sucks a bit but it means that I have access to a top-flight screenwriter and here is the plan.

We’ve naively allowed ourselves to let Google hold way more information on us than it ought (or needs) to and it’s time that people understood it. Not just Google of course, but Google is my first target.

Over the next few weeks, we’re shooting some short “adverts” if you will (infomercials?) although they’re not commercials because we’re not selling anything. These adverts demonstrate in very simple terms just how Google has taken over huge swathes of the web and with it, our privacy too.

The first two cover Gmail and Google drive - but if anyone would like to submit propositions for further ones, please do let me know. I’m making this public at DietPi’s site because I believe tha the answer lies in SBCs and appliance computers running servers like DietPi that democractie the web the way it was intended to be.

We’re a long way off but we have to start somewhere and while ordinary people don’t understand just how far Google has reached into our everyday lives, nothing is going to change. Now don’t get me wrong, Google has some useful services, but I’d rather pay up front and have open source software that I know isn’t selling me. With Google, the opposite is true. Everything we do benefits Google - maybe it’s only a little but I value my privacy - including my medical and bank records.

If you think Google can’t access those, think again! They might not be able to get the details, but be assured that anything you send or receive that goes via Google’s servers at some point (and that’s much of it), Google is using highly developed AI to infer things about you that you might prefer it didn’t.

And not just Google - the US Government too. The details are widely available on the web (another reason I’ve switched to Searx - running on Dietpi of course). :slight_smile: God I love the smell of American self-interests burning in the virtual realm. :slight_smile: