System slowing down

I have configured my Rpi3 DietPi as FTP sever. Nothing else has been installed other than Proftpd. I have burned the ISO, installed Proftpd and nothing else.

Most of the times, when I connect via SSH, I experience a very unresponsive system, sometimes “la -la” takes tents of seconds.

I am wondering if it could be the cpu that slows down under no load or something else. If it the power saving,is there a way to wake up the system when connecting via SSH?

Or is it a bug or?

Thanks for advising, daniele

Hi Daniele,

Most likely causes:

  • Delayed SSH: Intermittent network connection (check WiFi/Lan cable/strength)
  • Insufficient PSU causing system instability
  • Unstable SD card delaying filesystem IO response

Might be worth checking htop for actual process usage:


^^ F10 to exit

You can check CPU clocks and temp at any time with: