Syncthing problem in version 1.23.6 - need downgrade to version 1.23.5


The latest version of syncthing 1.23.6 introduced a sync problem like described here.
I now need to downgrade to the version before to get synchronization working again until the next version fixes this issue.

Since I installed syncthing two years ago via dietpi-software, I don’t know how to get this done… Is it possible to simply install a different version and have all the dependencies and all paths set up correctly like in the actual installation? Does

dietpi-software install syncthing

support parameters therefore? Or do I need to use

apt install syncthingXYZ

and does the APT Package manager use the same paths as dietpi-software does?

Questions over questions…


This is not working at all. We use ID’s to identify software title. But it doesn’t matter as we aim to install latest version always. You can’t specify any version.

Syncthing is installed from GitHub directly and not an apt software package. You can download your version in question from Releases · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub and extact the content to /opt/syncthing. We don’t do anything else.

I highly recommend to create a backup beforehand.