Synapse upload file limits

First, thanks for adding Matrix Synapse!

I have tried following the dietpi config docs but adding

max_upload_size: 10M



and reloading config doesn’t seem to change the 50MB limit in place. I have also tried editing max_upload_size in


then reloading but it makes no difference either. Any help would be appreciated.

Could you try to restart the server instead:

systemctl restart synapse

I had previously tried stopping and starting synapse the same way but it too fail. However, restarting synapse did the trick. Thank you.

If I would like to change the upload file storage location would I ass this to the 99-config too and if so would I need to comment out the old location in the other config? Thanks

You should be able to override it via the 99-config, that way you can leave the original/default config untouched, as fallback or to easily restore the default value.

Hi and thanks a lot for your great Project. I am running Dietpi on an Raspberry 3 with lighttpd as a webserver. So currently I installed Synapse and could not find any Manual. Do you have a step-by-step Manual for running Synapse with lighttpd? Is it possible to change the webserver afterwards to nginx or Apache?

We have a small section within our docs

Synapse uses an internal webserver, so does not require Lighttpd or anything like that :thinking:. Or do you mean to have a reverse proxy in front of it? If so for what purpose?

Hello, I refer to this manual:

"he default configuration exposes a single HTTP port on the local interface: http://localhost:8008. It is suitable for local testing, but for any practical use, you will need Synapse’s APIs to be served over HTTPS.

The recommended way to do so is to set up a reverse proxy on port 8448"

That´s the reason why I have asked for that. Problem is I do not have a deeper understanding of those things. Maybe someone can give me a little help what exactly is needed to configure /mnt/dietpi_userdata/synapse/homeserver.yaml, /mnt/dietpi_userdata/synapse/homeserver.yaml.d/00-dietpi.yaml and /mnt/dietpi_userdata/synapse/homeserver.yaml.d/99-local.yaml. Thank you.

at the moment we are working on a Blog post giving some inside into Matrix Syanpse. It’s in an early draft status and might take some time to complete. Just watch our blog at