Support for RPi5?

Is support for Raspberry Pi 5 scheduled (relatively) soon?

I’d like to upgrade my RPi3 based download server to the new model but I’m so at home with DietPi that I ha ve no intention to do it until the board is fully supported.

You could try running our conversion scripts to enable RPi5 support. This can be done on your running RPi3. Once done, simple move the SD card over.

Interesting. There’s a link for those?, please?

And, in any case, is a full support release going to happen in the future?

Of course, actually we still test the migration method to the new firmware package. But it should work already. There are quite some RPi5 topics on this forum. Just have a look or for further information check the linked GitHub post

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Thank you very much. At the moment I’m not in a hurry since I haven’t bought a RPi5 yet, and my current setup works so flawlessly with Dietpi that I don’t think I’ll be going to buy one in a short time, but if I should get one I’ll absolutely try the scripts.

The script is an intermediate step for us to test the migration method. If all goes well, we will release a version that will be full compatible.

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