sugestion for app. :)

Hi, i found this great product which work on rpi3+
what do you think for implementation? :slight_smile:


many thanks for your request. Looks like a nice tool but looks like it requires two working Wi-Fi interfaces. Best to my knowledge, DietPi support 1 WiFi interface within the standard setting. :thinking:

pretty cool but why does it need two wifi, one wifi should be the check access point the SSID all wifi devices connect to), the other side could be used direct wired (for internet access and updates/rules downloads)

More or less this appears to be a homemade “man in the middle” setup?

i think you are right, should check it first how is working, should be possible to work one nic on cable…

@Joulinar, I did not understand, dietpi is setup for one wifi nic?

within default configuration and using dietpi-config, you are able to configure 1 ethernet and 1 wifi adapter. However you are able to configure more adapter yourself manually. As well DietPi did not offer a bridged mode atm, except using HotSpot functionality. As well something to be done manually.

so, it is not easy implementation …
ok, at least i tried :>
tnx. for time.