Stuck on "Unpacking owncloud-server (8.1.5-15.1)"


I’m trying to install Owncloud on my Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, but I keep getting stuck on “Unpacking owncloud-server (8.1.5-15.1)”. The progress meter has not moved for a couple of hours. I had to unplug the Pi at that point, as ctrl-C or ctrl-D didn’t stop it. Everything but Owncloud now works for me.

When I then tried to run dietpi-software to try and re-install Owncloud I got the instruction to run “dpkg --configure -a” to fix dpkg being interrupted. I ran that and after that I could run dietpi-software again, but every time it tries to unpack owncloud-server it gets stuck.

I’ve tried dietpi-uninstall OWNCLOUD to get a clean slate, but it only tells me owncloud isn’t installed and procedes to install owncloud-server.

/var/lib/dpkg/status shows owncloud-server as being “status: install reinstreq half-installed”, and I’ve tried to remove that section and run dietpi-software again after that, but it’s the same thing.

I don’t know if there’s some corrupted archive saved on the drive that it’s trying to unpack from or something? Any help would be appreciated!

Does sound like a filesystem corruption with apt-cache.

Are you running the Wheezy or Jessie DietPi image?

cat /etc/*release

1 Purge all packages related to owncloud:

apt-get purge -y owncloud*
apt-get autoremove -y --purge

2 Try running the following to completely clear the apt cache:

apt-get clean
rm /var/lib/apt/lists/* -vf

3 Force new apt-get update:

apt-get update

Now you can re-run dietpi-software and select Owncloud for installation.
If the same error occurs, do the following:
Press CTRL+C to terminate dietpi-software

Paste logfile in your reply:

cat /var/log/dpkg.log

Hey Fourdee,

This is with a clean install of the Jessie image.

Seems that didn’t help this time, unfortunately.

After googling a bit I found that they’ve changed the location of their repo for the latest version (8.2) to so I edited /etc/apt/sources.list.d/owncloud.list to use that instead, but I don’t know if that’s the right way to do it, as it seemed to have reverted back before downloading.

Unfortunately, the log didn’t provide much help from what I can tell:

2016-02-28 20:17:31 startup archives unpack
2016-02-28 20:17:34 install owncloud-server:all 8.1.5-15.1
2016-02-28 20:17:34 status half-installed owncloud-server:all 8.1.5-15.1

Update: Managed to get 8.2 to download and unpack properly (my mistake was using https before) atleast, but now of course I will need to set it up manually. But yeah, seems it had no problem unpacking 8.2 for some reason.

Update 2: Nevermind, scratch that. It only got past the installation of owncloud because it skipped installing owncloud. Now running apt-get install owncloud I get stuck on “Unpacking owncloud-server (8.2.2-1.1)” as well, so I’m starting to think it’s a permissions thing maybe? I’m using an external hdd with an old owncloud directory filled with things on it. Going to check into if that’s the reason.

Strange. I just did a fresh install, was unable to replicate. Might be an issue with the suserepo and/or key failed to install correctly during your original installation.

Please paste results: List all installed keys:

apt-key list

Here’s from apt-key list:

pub   2048R/90FDDD2E 2012-04-01
uid                  Mike Thompson (Raspberry Pi Debian armhf ARMv6+VFP) <>
sub   2048R/5373DC6C 2012-04-01

pub   2048R/7FA3303E 2012-06-17
uid                  Raspberry Pi Archive Signing Key
sub   2048R/EDD83D6C 2012-06-17

pub   4096R/0C50B1C5 2013-05-11
uid                  Collabora Raspbian Archive Signing Key <>
sub   4096R/D107BAE1 2013-05-11

pub   1024D/BA684223 2012-02-08 [expires: 2017-04-19]
uid                  isv:ownCloud OBS Project <>

pub   2048R/5180350A 2015-10-08 [expires: 2017-12-16]
uid                  ce OBS Project <>

I also just updated my last post in case you missed that. :slight_smile:

I managed to get it working now. Manually removed the owncloud-server .deb file and re-downloaded it as well as removing the (empty) /mnt/usb_1/owncloud_data folder I had from before, and now it seems to have resolved itself! :slight_smile: I honestly don’t know what the issue I had was, but I’m just glad it’s working now.

Ah good stuff!