Struggling with Nordlynx


I would like to install NordVPN on my Pi and make it use their own Wireguard implemantation called Nordlynx.
I’m having a hard time getting this to work. Is there anyone who has a working Nordlynx connection willing to share their steps?
I’ve tried Dietpi-vpn, PiVPN and Nord’s own package but I failed with all.

Thanks in advance

you need to follow the official instructions of NordVPN. You need to install the official Linux client app

and switch to Wireguard protocol afterwards.

If you struggle, I would recommend to contact your VPN provider

DietPi-VPN supports OpenVPN only, while Nordlynx is the WireGuard based solution of NordVPN. The problem with WireGuard for public VPN providers is that it by default uses static client IPs, which is seen as a privacy issue for public services since clients/users can then always be identified across connections by their IP only. Because of this, VPN providers have their solutions to wrap WireGuard into a second NAT level to provide a new IP on every connection. But this means that there is no generic solution that we would be able to implement into DietPi-VPN.

Some work has been started to implement dynamic IPs right into WireGuard:
But as can be seen, there wasn’t been any activity for soon 3 years :frowning:. If this was finished, VPN providers could migrate which would allow us to implement it as well.

However, the install instructions for VPN providers’ WireGuard implementations are easy to follow, from what I’ve seen. So if WireGuard is generally an option, supported by the kernel of your SBC (in the meantime this is true in very most cases), this is the preferred solution, while DietPi-VPN remains as solution for cases where WireGuard is not supported kernel-wise, where UDP connections are not possible or where one prefers OpenVPN as long-trusted VPN implementation :slight_smile:.