Stretch --> Buster upgrade didn't take

Last night I finally bit the bullet and tried upgrading my Stretch install to Buster using these instructions. Everything appeared to transpire as expected, but when I rebooted, I get this info in the headers:

DietPi v7.9.4 (stretch) : 20:54 - Tue 16/08/22

  • Device model : RPi 3 Model B (armv7l)

Where might I look to see what went wrong? Thanks!

This is the DietPi branch you are on and not the Debian version. Did you switched back to master branch as described on the guide?

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Thanks, @Joulinar . It wasn’t clear to me how I’d know that dietpi-update had migrated me to the dedicated Stretch update branch already. Running the code you referenced worked. I appreciate your time!