I installed Nexcloud on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ today and I want to storage all my stuff onto an HDD, but my problem is, that my PI couldn´t find my Storage. I tried different HDDs but it didn’t work at all. On my Windows PC each HDD is ok. Also, tried different formations, but no. The HDDs are connected with a USB Hub and all of them get external voltage. Even in the /dev is no hard disk. Tried to connect a USB-Stick, this time my PI recognized it and I could mount it.

Thanks for every help I get :smiley:!

Dedicated power supply already rules out the most common cause of such issue.

You tried all USB ports?
Just to sort it out, assure that max USB current is enabled via dietpi-config … ähm Advanced or Performance options.

Please paste dmesg | tail -20 after attaching the drive, at best as well after attaching the whole USB hub.
If no related entries appear (or no suspicious ones), you could as well check journalctl | tail -20 which probably has a bid more verbose messages.