StartX only properly loads DE on Root account

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling LXQT a couple times and it doesn’t fix the issue.

I am on a RPi 4 4GB With next to nothing from the “DietPi App Stores” installed.

LXQT will load properly with Startx only when i am under the Root account. If i run the command from DietPi account i get the background image a mouse and the HTop icon. No other apps and no bar at the bottom of the screen. I also get errors that the following things failed multiple times: Runner,Panel,PolicyKit, and PowerManagement

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


atm non-root user desktop usage is a know challenge. There might be some improvement on next version

Sadly deferred again by a version, but for DietPi v7.2 I can promise it :slight_smile:.