Stability of DietPi 64-bit for Raspi 4

I wanted to set up my home server on my Raspberry Pi 4 and I considered using the 64 bit image of DietPi.

However, I really don’t want to use a system that is known to cause a lot of problems. And since the 64 bit image is still tagged as beta I’m here to ask: How stable would you (the devs) rate this version of DietPi currently (6.32.2)? Are there unimplemented things and known issues? What works worse than on the 32 bit image?

Thanks in advance!


many thanks for your request. Well, it’s a BETA image and basically it’s a question to ask to Raspberry Pi Foundation. They are providing the base image. But we already know that there are challenges and some thinks not working as on the 32bit image

You can have a look to our GitHub post.
There we have thinks listed not working yet.

Personally I would not use it for production usage. To many thinks are still open by the Foundation.

btw the version of DietPi (current 6.32.2) has nothing to do with the underlying image. It just detect the image and act accordingly.