SSL error on local access (Let's Encrypt)

Hi Guys,

i run Dietpi on my Raspi4 with the following Services:

[]Nextcloud (all @lighttpd)
]Wireguard VPN-Server
[]WakeOnLAN for My NAS (Etherwake - cronjob)
]Let’s Encrypt for the Webserver

All works fine so far.

But there is actually one problem. If i try to access my PiHole or NExtcloud in my Home Network with the local ip i get an “SSL error” from my AntiVirus-Protection (Kaspersky). I guess because of Let’s Encrypt. Netdata works fine i think becouce of the Port 19999 and only HTTP not HTTPS(?).

Any idea where the problem is and how i can solve this?


many thanks for your request. Maybe you can share a little bit on your error message.

What is the exact error message? Maybe you can share a screen print.
How do you access your web browser?`What is the exact address you are entering into your browser?
Yes NetData is using it’s own web server and not lighttpd!

It makes sense that if you access the server with a private IP or local fqdn, then the certificate will not seem valid and you’ll see this error.