SSH to other devices not working


I’m trying to set up Network UPS Tools on my Pi3 to shut down other devices on my network (another Pi and an EdgeRouter Pro) via SSH, but I can’t seem to get the SSH up and running. I first tried to configure on my other Pi, but get the following:

Permission denied (publickey,password).

I can’t seem to get around this and am unsure how to proceed. Thanks in advance for any assistance!!


So to assure I understand right: You’re trying to connect from the DietPi system to another SSH server on the nerwork, right? Which SSH client did you try and with which command exactly? Dropbear is preinstalled btw, so sonething like this should work:


I am trying to detect UPS status on the DietPi and then SSH to the other devices to gracefully shut them down.

I ended up figuring it out as I had generated too many different keys and nothing was working. I cleared the keys, generated new ones on the DietPi, then copied the Public and Private keys to the respective devices and it seemed to work. Now I just have to come up with a script to shut down the devices in order so nothing gets corrupted.