Squeezelite terrible sound with ODROID C2


I’ld like to share my dietpi experience, and wish to know if someone has solve the issue.

To be brief, I install dietpi OS on my ODROID C2 (using a microSD card). I installed squeezebox and squeezelite player.
I listen music through the hdmi connection (plug on external home cinema amplifier).
The issue is quite simple, the answer is not yet found : when I listen several songs, the first has a good quality sound, the others are just terrible.
It like listening old mp3 encoded in 64kbps frame rate.
At the beginning, I thought that my source files are miserable. But even with .flac format, the second and other songs are very low quality.

I tried to modify the sound setting, with no success.

The only solution I found is to shutdown the squeezelite job when the other songs start; then sound rebecome great.

I believe the matter come from kind of buffer memory that should be too small and decrease sound quality (frame rate) to avoid crashing.

I have no idea how to solve that, and be glad to read even a single hint.

Is it worth trying to use an external USB sound card, if you have one. If you still have the fault then maybe that confirms your theory.

Hello, thank you for having answer.

I don’t believe an external USB sound card might solve the matter : I’m not the only one experiencing this troubleshot (see search results in google).
Even with using a dedicated DAC, the sound quality get worse after a track change.

I think the problem comes from squeezelite version packaged in DietPi : I have a RPi 2 with Max2Play webOS + squeezebox and-lite installed, and the sound is good.

I’ve tried to update squeezelite version on my odroid, without success : it crashed and have to uninstall and re-install packaged version.

Sorry that that was of no help. I get some background noise (clicks mainly) when using dietpi and KODI on an XU4. I’ve tried dietpi on an RPi2B and KODI plays fine with no noise problems. But I’m not a Squeezelight user. I’m coming to the conclusion that there are still quite a few problems to overcome with the dietpi implementation on Odroids and wish that I had the expertise to help, but, sadly, don’t.