Squeezelite can not output pcm24/192 and dsd128

I use daphile to push music to allo’s sparky + usbridge,but squeezelite can not output pcm24/192 and dsd128,my dac is holo audio’s spring.
when i use volumio,my allo’s sparky + usbridge can output pcm24/192 and dsd128.i notice the version of suqeezelite in dietpi of allo is,the newest is,Will squeezelite how to solve this problem?

Re-brush the system(dietpi for allo sparkySBC :February 3 version) , the previous problems have not been solved!!

The problem is still not solved! Can not choose 32, a choice of 32, the system has no sound, can not play, only select 24_2 and u32be, can not choose 32 and u32be

I deleted the ALSA, and then I can choose 32 and 32be, dsd128 and pcm192 can be normal play, I hope the system is normal not to go wrong. :open_mouth: :frowning:

Restart, or a problem! Still can not choose 32 and 32be, I just checked, my holo dac usb chip is XMOS, xmos usb chip to send dsd source under linux, need to patch, please the next version of dietpi can integrate this patch !