Squeezebox Server

Hello Dan,

Jean again, sorry :frowning:

I have another problem, this time Squeezebox server doesn’t start anymore.
I tried a few times, it never start even from fresh install.
The only way I got it running was from manual installation of 7.8, but then the CPU usage is by far too heavy with 100% reported in htop.
So, this morning, I decided to make it a try again, I just made a fresh install of Jessie DietPi without any mod/configuration etc…
Just make Dietpi boot and install right away Squeezebox server.
It makes the install, and from what is reported, it looks ok, then reboot, but the server is not showing in htop.
I even try to start the service manually, no way.

PS I know you are against it but as a few here, I would prefer to have 7.9 beta that is working if I do a manual upgrade/install but takes also 100% of CPU !

Hope you’ll find the bug.
Best regards,

Hi Jean,

No worries. Can you run the following please:

/etc/squeezeboxserver_init stop
/etc/squeezeboxserver_init start

Then, give it a few seconds, make sure squeezebox isnt running in htop, then run the following:


I only need the reference CODE, no need to fill out the document. This should give me the information I need to debug the issue.


Hello Dan,

I confirm that after reboot and
/etc/squeezeboxserver_init stop : No service running
/etc/squeezeboxserver_init start : still no service running in htop as per screen capture

Bug Report Reference CODE: b827eb70a587-0

Thank you for your help,

Thanks Jean.

Hello Dan,

I have tried again with a brand new install, V101, still not workinf.

Am I the only one ?
What am I missing ?
Any idea of the problem ?

Best regards,

Hi Jean,

Apologies, been extremely busy with v102 update. When i come round to checking the systems, i’ll run some tests on LMS and see if I can replicate. Will let you know what I find.

Git Ticket: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/123

Thank you Dan.

No problem, I understand and there is no rush, it’s not a matter of life… !
I’m sometime, myself quite busy :wink:

I have a propsal for you but this is not the right place for it, If you want to know please email me.
I guess that you have my mail, no ?

Best Regards,

I am running the v104 and when I try to start I have this message:
squeezezeboxserver_init start
line 18: 1257 illegal instruction

(salut le bricolodu13 :slight_smile: )

Hi Bretquend,

Thanks for the report. I’d like to get some more information on your system configuration.
Please could you send me a bug report:


No need to fill out the text document, i’ll only need your reference code.


here it is : 74da385b58ad-0

Thanks Bretquend.

I’ve created a git ticket for this issue and will update you when I can: https://github.com/Fourdee/DietPi/issues/155

thanks to you