squeezebox radio stream dropout

SBC: RPi 3 Model B
Version: v7.0.2
Application: Squeezebox + Squeezelite

I’m having trouble with a 320kbps radio stream frequently dropping out and often failing completely with Squeezebox. The stream works perfectly on the same hardware and wired connection with Moode, Volumio and PiCorePlayer’s Squeezebox.

Aside from Squeezebox server, Squeezelite and ALSA, the only other thing I’ve installed is the Samba server.

[EDIT: I’ve just installed Mopidy alongside Squeezebox and it also plays the stream perfectly.]

Is there anything that can be done to improve the stream quality?

stream link: http://hyades.shoutca.st:8627/listen.m3u or http://hyades.shoutca.st:8627/listen.pls

Thanks for any time taking a look at this minor issue.