Speedtouch 121g deauth reason 3


I’ve got a Speedtouch 121g wifi stick which internally is a Intersil ISL3887.

USB: 06B9:0121 Alcatel Telecom SpeedTouch 121g Wireless Dongle

It works, with the firmware from here:

But deauths after random time.
From what I have read I should disable IPV6, and connect to a powered usb hub.

I both tried that but it still goes offline after a while. Only ifup wlan0 reactivates it (through UART)

Running Dietpi v129
Linux 4.4.17

Screenshots with the deauth message:

Hi w00fer,

But deauths after random time.

Sounds like a possible powersaving mode, or buggy firmware/driver.

Does this device show up as a module (eg: isl3886pci)?


Try running:

dmesg | grep modulename