Sonarr: SecureChannelFailure

I’m slowly but surely making progress on setting up my Odroid c2 box. I have a problem with Sonarr and Radarr, though:

18-5-7 10:36:37.1|Warn|HttpClient|Failed to get response from: Error: SecureChannelFailure (One or more errors occurred.)

Anyone have any ideas? I posted on the sonarr forum and didn’t receive any responses.

Here’s a pastebin with more error details from Radarr.

in C:\projects\radarr-usby1\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\HttpClient.cs:255

This is a data path of a Windows machine …

I thought the same thing but I can assure you that this daemon is being run on an Odroid C2 w/ dietpi.