Some requests.

Hi Fourdee;

I know that you are trying to setup a user friendly lightweight distro, we have talked about this previously. I love your distro, and I love working with it.

  • I think dietpi.txt should have an option for pasting a ssh public key, at installation DietPi should create ssh keys for root and copy this public key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys, and if there is an authorized key in this file root login by password can be disabled in /etc/default/dropbear with extra arg option “-g”.

  • When we setup static IP in dietpi.txt in the first run I saw in resolv.conf that the nameservers are and, I think it would be better if you put another option for that or use opendns, etc as default dns servers.

I will update this as I run into requests :wink:

I like those ideas too!

Another request: add Python 2, Python 3, and possibly other programming languages to dietpi-software, so they can be easily installed on first boot