Some Questions

Hello everyone,

I am the proud owner of a Pi 4 that I use every day as a desktop PC.
I use it with FydeOS, a modified chromeOS and it works perfectly fine on Pi 4, even youtube at 1080p works perfectly and I have no complaints. The problem for me remains confidentiality and I would therefore like to switch to DietPi.

I use my Pi with ChromeOS on an SSD, the installation was done directly by plugging in the SSD through the SD card and I haven’t touched anything since.

I want to format and reuse this SSD for DietPi but I do not know if the boot will be done because from what I understood an update is needed (I am a noob, forgive me if I am not explaining myself correctly ).

Before doing such an operation I would like to know how to go about it, do I have to reinstall Raspian on an SD card beforehand? etc., etc.

I thank you in advance for your response
Please excuse me for my English :slight_smile:

Usually it should work out of the box to flash DietPi directly on your SSD and boot from it.

For testing purposes you could flash DietPi on a free usb pen stick to see if it is working fine.

If not, maybe bootloader to be updated or boot order to be modified.

Thank you Joulinar for this quick response!
I will try with a corsair USB key that I have on hand then.
If the bootloader needs to be updated, what should I do? Ditto for the order. I’ll test this right away.

Usually flashing DietPi on a SD card and perform initial setup should update bootloader automatically. In most cases this is enough.

For the boot order we would need to check RPi docs. It’s not that difficult. But I didn’t have it at hand.

Well, I flash DietPi with Balena on my USB and I have this :
a white line with the image “jumping” on the screen.
I think it’s will be better if I flash DietPi on an SD card first then

it could take a couple of seconds to boot from USB. But if nothing happen it might be best to install on SD and update bootloader first.

I’ll remove the “quiet” option from our default configs now. Also for debugging issues at boot it does not help when the log level is so much reduced by this.

You can do the same by editing cmdline.txt on the FAT partition and remove the “quiet” from there. Then you will see more kernel/boot messages on the screen.


Thank you for your answers!
So I succeeded in booting but I have a new problem.
I first flashed Raspian to an SD card and ran it.
Problem: it does not detect my WIFI since I installed this version of ChromeOS!
And DietPi doesn’t detect it either, I get this error message as soon as I boot :

ping: connect: Network is unreachable

Retry: re-run the last command that failed
Diet-Pi Config : xxx
Open subshell : xxx
Send report : xxx
etc etc

Any suggestions?


could you go into dietpi-config and share a print screen from network section. It should display status of Ethernet as well as WiFi interface.