Some advices for Dietpi developing

Many thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

  1. Do not force auto-updating

Only the initial 1st run of the device is a forced update. This is to ensure you are running the latest version (with patches/fixes).
After which, dietpi-update is optional.

  1. Offer the history image download

This is not something we can achieve currently, due to the following:

  • We must focus our support efforts on the current versions of DietPi.
  • We only have 2 developers.
  • Offering previous image versions will increase end user level support, beyond what we can achieve.
  • The pre-v6.x images (v159<), are extremely outdated and lacks many of the code optimizations (eg: DietPi-Globals).
  1. Focus on Some popular type devices

We try to ensure this is the case. Most of our efforts are focused on supporting and prioritize RPi/Odroid and VM devices currently, however, if a critical issue hits one of the low popularity devices, we will resolve it.

  1. According to the data of installed applications by users, decide which application should be optimized

All ready is the case, as above, we prioritize on the highest install count (eg: Pi-Hole).

  1. Recruit volunteers from most using countries
    In China, people can’t visit some websites like google, and can’t use the service by them. I have tried install CloudPrint, and this application needs the support of GooglePrint, so I can’t use it.

There is not much we can do in regards to China’s control laws, however, you could install a VPN client on the system to bypass it, prior to install.

  1. Count the users of all countries

DietPi-Survey uploads does not include any geo-location data. Its against our policy of ensuring all data collected is anonymous and cannot be linked to the user.

However, we can view website traffic from the last week through our Cloudflare stats page:

  • United States 51,227
  • Germany 34,315
  • China 12,097
  • United Kingdom 11,398
  • Russian Federation 8,103

You are doing a great job!
I can’t image that 2 people can create this amazing firmware.


  1. Fist time auto-updating
    It would be better that set an option in dietpi.txt.

If user want the first time auto-updating, he will config dietpi.txt as below,

If user don’t want it, he will config dietpi.txt as blow,

2. History images download
Today, I found you have given a download link, Index of /downloads/images
I tried DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Jessie.7z, the v6.0.
I thought it is the latest version of Jessie. Unfortunately, it auto updating to the v6.14, the latest version of Stretch.

You need not give all versions of Jessie. I just need the latest one, stable, lightning and simple one.

3. Focus on user’s need
I mentioned GooglePrint not mean to against China’s law. I just want to let you know, some applications may not work in particular countries.
I need a printer server, but CloudPrint of Dietpi can’t work in China. I tried install CUPS, but apt-get only installs v1.7.5. You know, the latest version of CUPS is 2.2.8.
CUPS 1.7.5 don’t support my printers, I think CUPS 2.2.8 may support.
I think printer server is useful, which worth you make it better.

4. User count in china
According to the traffic data, China is the third largest country of using Dietpi. Suppose there are 23088 users in total, China may take 10% of them.
users of dietpi.png

In a word, Dietpi is a very good firmware. I believe it will better and better.

Does apt-get update and apt get upgrade mess with anything or is it just scripting when you diepi-upgrade?

Yes, it does.
I found Stretch is not stable as Jessie now.
There is no perfect version. Users do not want the newest version, they want the most stable version.