[Solved] Want to revert back to V6.8

I have updated Dietpi to latest V6.9 version at Usbridge. However, this has caused Clementine player to become unstable and hanged when dragging the track slider.

Could anyone tell me how to revert back to V6.8?

restore your backup that you (should) have created before upgrading

Damn me. I didn’t take the backup and never took backup before. Who could share with me V6.8 image?

I would recommend to create bug report about your issue and let us investigate and fix. Might be related to v6.9, might be also related to some APT package upgrade, and then v6.8 won’t fix anything, just cause you doubled work :wink:.

I really feel like killing myself. I have spent a lot of sleep deprivation nights to install and make Clementine working and stable and now everything gone down to the drain. I installed lxde at Usbridge and then Clementine started from V6.6 I guess and made it working stable until V6.8.

Now after update to V6.9, it has turned back to its former ugly self. When playing music, if I click pause button,it will hang. Or while playing, if I click the track slider at random location also would hang the player. The player became unresponsive and had to reboot the server to get it back.

I really hope I could go back if I knew this update didn’t work for Clementine.

May I know where could I download V6.8 for Dietpi?

I posted bug report at github and interaction with Fourdee gave me an idea. So I went and ran ‘apt-get update’ and ‘apt-get upgrade’. I rebooted Allo and then ran ‘apt-get install --reinstall clementine’.

I am surprise the issue is solved. Now Clementine back to stable self. I can play, drag, pause switch playlist and it can respond without hanging. I think the issue is solved and I am happy. So I can stick with V6.9 and going forward.