[solved] VirtualBox image doesn't start

I’m new to DietPi (as well as Linux in general) and I’m trying to get Pi-Hole to work. However, I already fail at the first step - getting it to run on my server (Windows 10 on a Z77 board).

I downloaded the image (DietPi_VirtualBox-x86_64-Buster.7z) and imported the .ova (both by just double-clicking the file as well as manually adding a VM and then using the ova). Sadly, when I try to start the DietPi, I get a short message (“Loading Linux…”) and then only a black cursor. :frowning:

I got the latest version of VirtualBox and have other VMs successfully running there, so I can’t think of anything else to investigate on my side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, of course!

Thanks in advance!

Hmm very strange, works well here. Did you do any changes to the VM settings?

Thank you for the reply. Of course it was my fault after all. I tested the other VMs before installing Docker, but not after. Since I then discovered they also didn’t work, I quickly found the solution (disabling Hyper-V). Interestingly, my Windows installation then crashed completely on reboot and I had to load an old backup. :roll_eyes:

But now it’s working like a charm!

Perfect. Yeah Hyper-V background service is known to block CPU virtualisation acceleration for other virtualisers. You should be able to make the service start ondemand so it does only start when Hyper-V is really started.