[Solved] Upgrading from 158 with phpBB


I have a PHPBB3 forum set up and running on my pi using dietpi 158. I understand that automatic upgrade is not possible, so I need to work out how to do this manually.

I customised some stuff (themes, icons and so on), and there is some uploaded data (people’s avatars and so on). As a result, my concern is whether I can copy the phpBB3 directories from the old system, and place them on the new system. If I do this, will it mess up future upgrades of dietpi?

Secondly, if I backup the database from the old dietpi, will the database be compatible with the version of phpBB on the new dietpi?

Any advice gratefully received!


I am not 100% sure, but a quick look onto the dietpi.com phpBB looks like all phpBB info is stored within /var/www/phpbb and the database, so the following should be sufficient:

  • First update your phpBB via web UI to current version (3.2.2) and verify it works as expected, then
cp -a /var/www/phpbb /path/to/external/backup/
mysqldump phpbb3 > /path/to/external/backup/phpbb_backup.sql
  • Then on new system install phpBB via dietpi-software, but do NOT access the web UI. Instead:
mysql phpbb3 < /path/to/external/backup/phpbb_backup.sql
cp -a /path/to/external/backup/phpbb/. /var/www/phpbb/

Then access to the forum, it should be on stage as before.

Btw: The mysqldump exported sql file is a universal database format. You can import this to any sql capable database of any version, so no worries about this :wink:.

BUT please find another guide, just to verify the above. Don’t risk a surprise about another important location where phpBB somehow stores info. But actually it should not be able to, due to the limited permissions it has.

Brilliant, thanks so much. The great thing about a pi is that I can backup the whole SSD and just try it to see. If it doesn’t work, I’ll revert :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, that worked a treat. I was a bit worried that the removal of mysql would be a problem, but it looks like mariadb just replaces it?

Anyway, it works fine, so I’m really chuffed!

Nice to hear. I need to collect those migration infos, as I want to integrate some software specific backup/migration into dietpi-backup (or separate tool) that allows easier migration of your installed software from one server to another.

My one outstanding problem, and I’m sorry if I’ve prevailed upon your good will too much already, is that following a reboot of the pi, it can be up to 5 minutes before it will deliver the phpBB webpages. Once it starts, it’s fine.

Do I have a service on a delayed startup or something? How can I troubleshoot this?