[SOLVED] Unwanted upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit

After installing the 32bit version of the ISO (armv7) on a raspberry CM4 module, it automatically upgrades to 64bit during the initial installation. How can I block the 64bit upgrade? some software packages I use only run on 32bit versions.
Thank you in advance

it’s not us who did this. Raspberry Pi kernel developer activated the 64bit flag by default on latest kernel version for RPI4. Moving Linux Kernel to 6.1 - Page 11 - Raspberry Pi Forums

You could switch back to 32bit by setting arm_64bit=0 inside /boot/config.txt


Thank you very much Joulinar, work fine…

Do you actually face any particular issue when using the 64-bit kernel? I thought as well it is a bad idea to do this switch, but so far we did not receive any actual issues with it (after we hot-fixed dietpi-software to be compatible with it).

The software I use is a software PLC (codesys runtime) which works only with 32bit architecture and has a reasonable price, the 64bit version costs a lot. And essentially there are no performance differences.
the link for those who want to try…
Thanks again for the tip