[SOLVED] Restore dietpi-backup in another SD (RPi3)

Hi folks.
I’ve installed DietPi in a 4Gb and slow SD.
My question is if I do a fresh install in another SD (faster and bigger. 16Gb) and then use dietpi-backup in the 4Gb SD to restore the backup in the 16Gb SD… The system will be partitioned in 4Gb? Must I execute some extra dietpi-* command to exapnd the File System?

I just want change the actual 4Gb SD to another faster and bigger.

Thanks a lot!

Hi esturniolo,

as the backup restore just copies all files with rsync back in place, there should be no need to resize the file system again. But you need to take care that the UUIDs for root and boot partitions within /etc/fstab and /boot/cmdline.txt stay the same. In case after fresh install, copy the new /etc/fstab and /boot/cmdline.txt into your backup, overwriting the old ones (keep backups of both old and new files, just in case), and then dietpi-backup will recover the correct current one.

But keep your old sd card untouched of course, until you verified everything is working as expected, I hope I didn’t forget something. The good thing about RPi images is, that you can in case of failure mount the /boot partition into e.g. Windows systems as well and edit cmdline.txt, config.txt and dietpi.txt from there.

I’ll try this and I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the explanation.

As I said “I’ll keep you posted”

Sorry for the delay, but I had a very fully days.

It’s works!!!

As you said I just changed the UUID in /etc/fstab and /boot/cmdline.txt and worked flawessly. No problems, no troubles, All working again in 5 minutes.

Thanks a lot Michalng!!!