[Solved] Problem detecting new files in pendrive.

Hi. I have raspberry with transmission and proftp, and DLNA serviio. I download movies on pendrive. I have dlna (serviio). The problem is that the movies are not updated when they download. I do not know what happens, because it’s a new problem. I did not have that kind of problem before. I’m solving it by uninstalling and reinstalling proFTP.
By doing this the files are updated, that is, Serviio detects the new files. But it is a nuisance to have to do that every time I put files to download and my DLNA does not detect them. I hope you understand what is happening to me. I have installed everything from scratch, thinking that this way it would solve itself, but it still has that behavior.
Thank you very much for any help. Sorry for my English, it’s generated by google.

I believe it is a permissions issue. Can you check permissions of the fresh downloaded files versus those, which are detected by Serviio?

Transmission should download files as “transmission-daemon” user and “dietpi” group with 660 permissions. Thus any software, which want’s to access those files needs to be in “dietpi” group.
Hmm would be more compatible perhaps to let Transmission create downloads with 664 instead. You can try:

G_CONFIG_INJECT '\"umask\":' '    \"umask\": 2,' /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json
systemctl restart transmission-daemon

Hello, I feel sorry the delay in responding. I have to thank the solution given by MichaIng, has solved the problem. regards