*SOLVED*lost ssh

Hey guys, Happy Easter…I am running latest Dietpi w/Pi-hole/Unbound. Yesterday I was trying out the wifi connection thru config. I set up ssid/pw and changed wifi ip…noticed the dns was pointing to pihole (…prompted to reboot , now I am unable to ssh into dietpi.
Cant ping ,215 or the wifi ip,.101…any help? Can I pull the sd card and make changes to wpa supplicant txt?

ok, it was dietpi.txt on sd card…edited it…im good

Maybe you like to share what you have changed on dietpi.txt

in dietpi.txt, I searched for wifi and disabled it by changing '1" to “0”…

Do you like the parameter you changed?

I guess there was some routing issues because the two interfaces eth0 and wlan0 used the same subnet?