[Solved] Dietpi v6.16 Sooooooo SLooooooowwwww

Whats going on?

typed: dietpi-software [enter]
wait 1-2 minutes
GUI appears

others …dietpi-… worked okay

cd /mnt
wait 1-2 minutes
directories appear

cd into an attached HD
wait and wait and wait 5 minutes so far…

BTW, top didnt show anything strange…resource hog.

I think smbd is the problem.

Went in to make sure the drive was set up as a share via dietpi-launcher

Took about 3 minutes for smbd to stop, then I ran scan for recently attached devices and how its hung up…

Usually attached drives were not a problem, the pairing and sharing of the drive stayed between upgrades.

yes that was it…

reconnected the HD, mounted it again and all is well…

Great to hear you solved it, whatever the issue with the post samba mount was.