[SOLVED] Dietpi kernel on the Orange Pi5 patched for "PAN_MESA_DEBUG=gofaster"

Hi there,

I am trying to chose an OS for the Orange Pi 5 I have here, and DietPi seems like an obvious choice for me.
However, it seems that the Armbian guys have a kernel patched for the “PAN_MESA_DEBUG=gofaster” to work for a better Panfork performance:

These are the patches needed:

Are these patches incorporated into the DietPi kernel as they are in the Armbian kernel?


We don’t create own kernel for Orange Pi. I guess it should be the Armbian one. Something @MichaIng knows for sure.

Ah, that makes sense.
I really like DietPi so far! You do an awesome work with this!
I think it may the the Linux distro I was looking for :slight_smile:

Jep, we use the Armbian kernel and bootloader packages for the Orange Pi 5, so whatever they implement, DietPi users will receive it as well.

Generally, for GPU hardware acceleration, there is a PPA with further firmware, newer Mesa and software builds for RK3588, as the Mesa versions shipped with Debian do not support this GPU well yet: Orange Pi 5 Hardware Acceleration enabled? - #2 by MichaIng

To get acceleration, I built panfork and it seems to work fine too :slight_smile:

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Right, that is probably the most important part shipped by the PPA. Not sure what this mali-g610-firmware does when using the Rockchip kernel sources already (which is what Armbian does with the “legacy” RK3588 kernel package).

Confirmed that the kernel supports “PAN_MESA_DEBUG=gofaster”, as I clearly see a difference of more than 1000 FPS in glmark2 when using it.


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I am trying to get hardware acceleration working on orange pi 5, and can not seem to get it.

First, I tried to install panfork using the above procedure from the armbian forums, but it didn’t work. It complained that it couldn’t find the ip address from the repository (or something similar). Second, I tried downloading the binary files, installed them, but still nothing.

My simple check is to look under chrome://gpu and look for green under hardware acceleration.

I don’t use wayland. I am using a desktop environment that relies on xorg. Maybe that has something to do with it.

Can someone share a compile (or installation) method that enables hardware acceleration on orange pi 5?