[Software Suggestion] - 'MyMediaAlexa' for Alexa playable local music

Could MyMediaAlexa be a consideration for a future addition to DietPi? Alexa is only known to be able to play Spotify or Amazon Music, but this program allows Alexa to play any localised music - i.e from a personal NAS.

The link below already allows for a Raspberry Pi installation, but I also use Tinkerboards, so this would be a great addition for anyone that owns an Amazon Alexa but doesn’t want to pay for Spotify, Deezer or any other music subscriptions when they already have the music on their own personal NAS.



Has anybody looked at this, I think it would be a good addition to DietPi

It even appears that it is docker capable
All docker runtimes for x64/ arm64 / armhf

sudo docker run -d -p 52050:52050 -p 52051:52051 -v ~/Music:/medialibrary -v ~/.MyMediaForAlexa:/datadir bizmodeller/mymediaforalexa