Software Request: DNSCrypt-Proxy

Thank you a lot for your help, tried to run dnscrypt-proxy in docker, no way to get it work, installing in dietpi too risky for Friday evening … reinstalled unbound.

maybe better to try a simple native install instead of a docker container. Following this guide (German language) will bring up dnscrypt-proxy in less than 5 minutes Anonyme DNS-Kommunikation mit Pi-hole und dnscrypt-proxy » DecaTec

To make it even more simple

cd /tmp
tar -xf dnscrypt-proxy-linux_x86_64-2.1.4.tar.gz
mv linux-x86_64/ /opt/dnscrypt-proxy
curl -sSfL -o /opt/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy.toml
/opt/dnscrypt-proxy/dnscrypt-proxy -service install
systemctl start dnscrypt-proxy.service
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Awesome, just one click ! Thank you very much.
Tested few hours and looks like speed much faster !