SMB *Music* Public good idea?

Hi Everyone,

I hope you’re having a great Sunday! I have a Pi 3B+ running Samba Server and holds my music files (works great when using mixed operating systems).

Now I’m going back to work at the office, and I would love to use my music remotely, I was thinking of making my SMB public (open ports), but I have read that SMB isn’t safe, to note all the default passwords on dietpi have been changed.

I know there is other software such as Kobi etc… However, I have found that the SMB method is more straightforward.

So, what are your thoughts on this? I have looked at the VPN method, but that seems complex for me.

tl;dr I have an SMB music share where it has all my music; now I am going back to the office, and I wish to access my music remotely, but would SMB be the best idea for this?

Thank you!

Personally I would not open my SMB shares to the public web. To much bad people out there who would try to get access :smiley:

Maybe you like to have a look into some of the Web interface based media streaming server we are offering on our catalogue

Or maybe this is already enough for you:, it’s a really simple solution.

Thank you both! I installed Emby on my SMB to act as a “front” to stream my music; no issues yet, and it works like a charm!

Generally SMB same as NFS are not really meant for working over the Internet, but for LAN only, but I don’t know in detail the reasons, aside of probably security concerns. FTP and SFTP are the classic Internet file transfer protocols. But indeed file browser and other web interface cloud server software is quite a nice alternative.